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Welcome to Trinity Christian School's Moodle site!
by Chris Brown Admin - Wednesday, 5 March 2014, 07:21 AM

You are about to enter "Moodle", your online learning environment. The Moodle site is a valuable teaching and learning tool which allows easy communication between students, staff and families of the school. Through Moodle, students and parents are able to access Unit Outlines and Assessment details.

All students are able to access their individual Moodle page using their normal school password, and parents are strongly encouraged to log on to Moodle using their son’s / daughter’s login and password. In time, parents will be supplied with their own login details, which will enable them access into all their son’s / daughter’s subjects.

All members of the Moodle site are expected to participate within the spirit of the Trinity Christian School's Code of Conduct and Cyber Space Safety Policy.

Trinity’s Moodle site will be monitored to ensure that all members are using the site in an appropriate and respectful manner.